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boycott shitty weed

BSW is a lifestyle movement. A cannabis-centric brand that dares to be blunt without compromising creativity. Recognizes high-quality cannabis heals, and contributes to wellness, culture, and lifestyle. 

CAnnabis synergy live show

Hosted by JM Balbuena, founder and cannabis advocate. Each month, JM and her guests share

real stories of how cannabis has impacted wellness, lifestyle and culture. Industry experts and

influencers will also join us to discuss the latest trends and happenings in SoCal.


Hosted and creatively directed by S7ven Brown, Chnl 7 is a tarot portal bringing the spiritual to the physical with each episode every week. The show combines the S7ven's colorful personality, love for cannabis, self-development, and spiritual guidance. Chnl 7 is filmed and produced at Synergy Studios

Jaxx Cannabis Dispensary

A technology-focused legal cannabis company facilitating its customer-centric culture, and enhancing the craft cannabis experience. Their passion for the plant is the motivating factor that drives the brand's relentless efforts to deliver an expertly curated selection of premium products from the most respected brands in California. 


A marketing and brand design company committed to client growth and expansion. The company helps emerging start-ups, freelancers, self-made entrepreneurs, and expanding small businesses with all their needs to maximize brand awareness and grow within their respective fields.

Prime harvest inc.

A technology-focused full-service cannabis corporation. We are horizontally diversified across various segments of the cannabis value chain including licensing acquisition and compliance management, state-wide delivery, and direct-to-consumer operations.

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